Shaun Little Horn is based out of the Oglala Lakota Nation and has dedicated himself to the service and advocacy of indigenous communities.

As the Executive Director for Red Road Institute and Indigenous Peoples Movement, Shaun collaboratively works towards amplifying the rights and values of Indigenous people. Additionally, his role with SAGE Development of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe focuses on bridging traditional values with contemporary needs.

Shaun’s contributions as a global speaker have facilitated dialogues on indigenous rights and issues in various corners of the world. Beyond speaking, his commitment to the cause is evident through his membership on the Board of Directors for Canku Luta Omani, and he championed the creation of the Red Road TV Network, making indigenous stories accessible on platforms like Roku TV, Amazon TV, and Apple TV.

Before his focus shifted to activism, Shaun hosted a nationally syndicated sports talk radio show for over a decade and contributed to numerous newspapers and magazines.

Though sports once held a significant place in his life, Shaun retired in 2022, pivoting to give his full attention to activism and the Oyáte.

Renowned for his straightforward communication style, Shaun often prompts thoughtful discussions on pressing issues faced by Tribal nations.

His upcoming book, Leadership Lessons from the Red Road, set to release in December 2023, promises to be another platform where he shares his insights and dedication to the indigenous community.